Inburgering Exam Training Courses - Learn Dutch Fast!

Well prepared for the Inburgering exam through intensive training!

Inburgering Dutch language course and examination training 
The Inburgering exam is the Dutch state language test that ensures you have reached a proficient level of Dutch. We provide Inburgering exam training - giving you the tools you need to pass with success. Our language courses provide a fun and intimate learning experience that take place either one to one or in groups.

Whether you are a professional looking to expand your skill set, or a new arrival looking to settle in Holland,we'll have the right course to prepare you for the Inburgering exam.

What is Inburgering?

Inburgering is a civic Integration Course. The purpose of this course is to learn the Dutch language as well as some other aspects of Dutch culture/society.

Why should I follow a course?

-if you need a valid resident permit (when you don't have a Dutch, Swiss or EU passport)

-if you apply for a Dutch passport

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